My hometown – Vilnius

It’s always have been a pleasure to come back to the place where you spent more than 18 years. To see your lovely family, old friends and of course to relax and eat delicious traditional food. I am from the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius. A beautiful city and with sunny days at the end of May.

What to do in Vilnius?

Well, go for a walk in the city centre and old town of the capital. Check the Bernardinai garden, which is next to Vilnius cathedral, so it’s a nice place to chill for a while. DON’T forget “STEBUKLAS” – Miracle, a piece of stone believed to perform wonders. So make a wish! 😉

Also check the Gedimino castle, where you will find a panorama of the city.


Vingio park the place to go for jogging, skating, take a bike ride or rollers. Also to do yoga in groups or just to relax in the middle of the forest.



Do not forget to try “cepelinai” in Lithuania, delicious traditional food also it’s a time to eat a cold soup called “šaltibarščiai“.


“Lucky belly – Rub it”!

 It’s a small review of Vilnius city, next time I will stay longer and discover other things. But now I am leaving to more interesting place in Asia.

Japan I am coming!!!